Crystal Kwok

UCLA – B.A. Theatre Arts 1984-1989

Hong Kong University - M.A. Literary Studies - 1993-1995

University of Hawaii at Manoa - PhD Performance Studies 2017-present


Born in San Francisco, Crystal moved to Hong Kong in 1989 to pursue a career in the entertainment business. Having won the title of Miss Chinatown USA, she entered the film industry and worked with people like Jackie Chan and Maggie Cheung.  She hosted a highly rated TV and radio talk show which broke boundaries and stirred up many sensitive issues in Hong Kong.

Talk show host of "Kwoktalk" - a live webcast on Think Tech Hawaii - 2016-2017 Show focuses on sensitive women's issues covering east and western cultures

Radio Host - RTHK radio 3 - "The Sex Crystals" - February - July 2015 (weekend show)
A provocative talk show exploring socially sensitive issues that deal with women and sexuality. Sample topics include lesbian erotic literature, adolescent body image, women refugees, bound feet and the culture of controlling women.

Radio Host - RTHK radio 3 - "Kwoktalk" - August 2012-June 2014
A daily lunchtime show that tackled sensitive and provocative issues. "Private issues on public radio" was the motto. It pushed boundaries and raised the bar for what is appropriate discussion on deeply personal matters.

Film Actress - Hong Kong 

- "The Master" (1989) directed by Tsui Hark starring Jet Li
- "Four Loves" (1988) with Pauline Wong, Carina Lau, Li Chi
- "Police Story 2" (1988) with Jackie Chan
- "All Night Long" (1988) with Dodo Cheng
- "Black Snow" (1991) with Maggie Cheung and Jackie Cheung

Stage Actress - Hong Kong

Vagina Monologues - Cantonese version - Springtime Drama company -2008, 2013
Part of a high profile trio of stage actresses, Crystal performed the Vagina Monologues in front of a full house for two runs.

Talk show host - Cable TV -Entertainment channel - "I am Crystal Kwok" -

1997-2000 Crystal hosts a live nightly talk show that stirs the conservative Chinese mentality with her straightforward and honest approach to issues covering everything from family, health, social, and some very private matters never openly discussed before on HK television.

Radio show host - "English in News" - RTHK radio 1 

2012-2014 Cantonese program that teaches English vocabulary through news stories


- " Day in the life of Jackie Chan" for Canal Plus -1995 -part of a centenary celebration of international filmmakers

Producer, director, writer - "The Mistress" - feature length film -1999
"The Mistress", a drama about an educated woman who fantasizes about the world of a mistress and ultimately becomes one. Winner of the People's Choice awards at the Deauville Film Festival 2000.

Writer/director - "Fertility Goddess" -2004
-Black comedy theatrical drama about fertility issues - staged for the City Fringe Festival in Hong Kong

Writer/director - "Pussycat Theatre" - 2009
-black comedy about the aging woman's body and menopause - sponsored by the Body Shop

Producer, director, writer - Culture Cubs bilingual DVD series 2007 -edutainment video series to promote interest in learning Chinese for children

Producer, director, writer - "I Hate Veggies" music video - 2012 -Bilingual mandarin and English lyrics for Children
You Tube : " I hate veggies"

Director - "She Objects" trailer for The Women's Foundation -2013 -documentary about media's impact on women's objectification in Hong Kong

Producer, director, writer - "When Cruelty Ends" - 2013
- Music Video for Animals Asia to support the Moon Bears You Tube : "A song for the Moon Bears"


Sing Pao newspaper column 1998
Hong Kong Standard newspaper column 1997 Babes and bitches - Ming Pao Publishing - 1997 Boys and Bastards - Ming Pao Publishing - 1997 Between the Sexes - Ming Pao Publishing - 1996 Crystal's Storm - Ming Pao Publishing - 1986


Languages: Fluent in Cantonese, conversational mandarin.